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DenseLight BY Series Plug and Play SLED


Highly cost effective, high performance, high power, and ready to run, a range of optical sources offering the simplest route to integration for your application. A range of power, wavelength, and modulation schemas are available for your needs.


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Highest power/energy broadband light source (up to 10kW pulsed (4W CW)


Compact plug and play integrated MOPA architecture


1535~1565nm (specify requirements when ordering)

Optical output

CW, TEM00, Random State of Polarization

Single-mode output


Power Consumption

5VDC 15A (Module), AC mains (Benchtop)

Operating environment

-20C to 50C


Laser Radar, Lidar, High Power Pulsed Laser Seeder, Fibre Sensing, R-OTDR, OFDR, Free space coherent communication, Gas absorption detection, Fibre component measurement equipment, Scientific research

Specific Ranges:
DL-BY-P Series
High Peak Pulse Power Broadband Light Source
Centre wavelength: 1535nm~1565nm
Pulse width option: 10~800ns
Peak Pulse Power: up to 10kW
Average power: 500mW, 1W, 2W, 4W
Pulse repetition rate: Internal trig (1kHz~1MHz) or external trig
Size: 180 x 140 x 53mm (BY18), 300 x 280 x 90mm (BY30)
Operating Temperature: -20C~50C (forced air cooling)
DL-BY-C Series
High Peak CW Broadband Source
Centre wavelength: 1535nm~1565nm
Power: 500mW, 1W, 2W, 4W
Size: 180 x 140 x 53mm (BY18), 300 x 280 x 90mm (BY30)
Operating Temperature: -20C~50C (forced air cooling)
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