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PC1 Precision Peltier Controller USB Interface


  • 16 bit temperature control capability

  • 3-5V DC supply

  • Logic level shutdown

  • ITEC(max) and ITEC(min) current setting

  • VTEC(max) voltage setting

  • Setting Memory function

  • Undedicated 8 bit digital potentiometer

  • undedicated communications port

  • Separate or combined PSU powering

  • Small size ( 84 x 55 mm )



This low-cost USB to SPI interface board was designed to connected to the PC1 Precision Peltier Controller to enable computer control of the board setting parameters.  The additional spare UART port enables additional control and communications systems to be integrated with this device.



This USB based interfaced board has been designed to connect directly (in piggy-back fashion) to the PC1 Precision Peltier Controller board. The interface is based around an FTDI supplied DLP2232M dual UART interface module that is configured to run a simple serial peripheral interface (SPI) bus. Since the FTDI module is a dual channel UART, only one of which is utilised by the SPI interface, connections to the other are provided by a series of on board solder pads. This allows the interface to be used to control the PC1 (or in alternative direct control applications) while providing an additional control interface.

Control software is provided as a standalone LabView executable (the G-code is also available for system integrators to use within more complex applications) which can be used to address one or multiple USB interface/PC1 controller boards. 







Operating Temperature

Tstg -40 to + 85 oC

Maximum Supply Voltage

Vsupp 5.5 V


PC1 USB Instruction Manual