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Chiral Photonics was formed in 1999 when Drs. Azriel Genack and Victor Kopp, distinguished physicists at City University of New York, and technology start-up veteran Dan Neugroschl, teamed to commercialize the ground-breaking discovery of lasing in cholesteric liquid crystals.  In its mission to create the next generation of photonic solutions, Chiral Photonics continues to advance the discovery and to develop ever more technologies related to chiral photophysics and glass microfabrication.  Chiral Photonics have developing products that exploit the unique concurrence of spectral and polarization selectivity that chiral structures offer.  The structures are self-assembling or are manufactured via low cost continuous processes that deliver both cost and performance advantages over present technologies.

Chiral Photonics has discovered that the chiral structure responsible for the photonic band gap behaviour in its thin film technology can be abstractly applied to optical fibres for a variety of applications ranging from telecommunications to surgical lasers to biological and chemical analysis to remote sensing. These chiral fibre gratings (CFGs) do not require coherent irradiation of photosensitive glass as in presently used fibre Bragg gratings (FBGs) but rather are created in a continuous versatile process from specially prepared performs. By varying the period of the CFG a number of different fibre products have been developed:

  • Helica� In - Fibre Linear Polarizer

  • Helica� Fibre Couplers (spot size converting interconnect and evanescent coupler)

  • Helica� Sensors (Ultra-high temperature sensor, liquid level, T&P and environmental sensing)

AOS Products Ltd can provide you with a full range of Chiral Photonics Products and are happy to discuss potential sensing applications which may be addressed us this or other in-house technologies.